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“And WHERE, Oh Sweet Internet, would you go propose to go on a date, in a world filled with wastelands, where poison clouds lurk in mazes that people can’t escape from, where every large gathering ends up with a body count, where rules and gates cut everyone off from each other and an atmosphere of intense paranoia and grief haunts every shadow? …and this world’s not just post-apocalyptic. In this world, the apocalypse might still be happening.


  • Still some people needing pages that have not directly worked on the series (mainly composers). People who have directly worked on it (animators, artists, composers that made music specifically for the series, VAs) have been finished.
    • Also expand People pages in general. A lot are stubs.
      • One way to expand VA pages is to add an "Other Voices" section (once all are finished). Essentially lists other roles the VAs had.
  • Make pages for the RASH A1M Japanese dub voice actors.
  • Create icons/images that will better help with external links (e.g. social media links for artists in the series)
  • Implement rules for Discussions/Comments.
    • Also add a Terminology and Formatting section in the Editing Guidelines.
  • Page Ideas:
    • Holy code
    • Quests (for Dream BBQ)
      • The quest board photo has changed design, as stated on the ENA Day 2022 stream.
    • Ena (species)
    • Simoon (multiple uses in the series)
    • Separate page for Joelgc customization
      • Also a list for Joelgc.com accessories.
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