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This page lists various characters that have appeared in the series or have been revealed through other means but do not currently appear in any of the ENA episodes, do not have names, or have not been properly introduced or named.

Shadow people[]

Robert's room

The shadow people (right) in Robert's room.

They appear briefly in Extinction Party before Ena talks to Robert. They are slender black figures outlined in red with two small red eyes. Five of them appear sitting on tables along a wall in the Maze in between two portals.

It should be noted that their appearance is very similar to that of the "Hollow Guys" that appear in Deadline, another animation by Joel Guerra[1].

Unnamed samurai-esque character[]


The samurai-esque character near Unnamed.

This character is featured in a sketch by Joel G. posted on his Twitter on April 18th, 2021. The character appears very similar to a samurai, wearing brown baggy pants and a dark brown cloak. They also wear a conical hat with a bird-like figure sporting a clown face atop it. Their face is unseen and their neck is disconnected from their body, though the back of their head resembles a mechanical human skeleton while the front appears to be covered either by a face or mask resembling skin. They appear alongside another character that bears a striking resemblance to Ena, later revealed to be named Unnamed.

They are likely not to appear in any future episodes as the sketch is stated to be just for fun.

Their appearance is highly similar to that of the Gray Man from the game LSD, a game that serves as one of the series's main inspirations. It's possible that their design could have been inspired by the Gray Man's appearance.

Mirror painting character[]


Mirror painting character.

An unused character originally set to appear in Temptation Stairway. They were to appear as an interaction character in the Mannequin Expanse, though they were replaced by Mariya and Gabo instead. Their concept artwork was first publicly revealed during a Twitch stream showcasing other concept artwork and behind-the-scenes content of Temptation Stairway.

They appear to be a figure emerging from a jagged frame containing a mirror or painting. They wear a robe with droopy sleeves and a headpiece with a veil or long hair. They have a seemingly worried or sad expression.

Dream BBQ characters[]


Photos including the new characters shown in the trailer.

Before the release of Dream BBQ, several new characters were revealed, giving a glimpse at the characters Ena will meet in the game, though the majority of them have currently unknown names.

Dream BBQ First Trailer[]

New characters were first revealed in the trailer for Dream BBQ that revealed it would be a game as well as an animation. Their appearances are as follows:

  • A large character with humanoid legs and a long snout. Their mouth sports a large row of golden teeth.
    • More of this character's appearance was revealed in two pieces of merchandise for a preview of ENA merch coming to Fangamer. They have a black head with a light body and curly, fish-like tail, as well as a brown pattern curved on their back. On the shirt design they appear on (as well as an additional sticker that comes with the shirt), they wear the same hat that Season 2 Ena does.
    • From their full appearance, they appear to be based on ancient Peruvian depictions of orcas, specifically carved figures or geoglyphs which depict similar colors, structures, and back patterns to the character.
  • A large turquoise figure resembling a headless horse. They are surrounded by bowing characters made up of white pants with brown belts and bodies consisting of yellow root-like structures.
    • The bowing characters appear once again in the second Dream BBQ trailer, instead found dancing in a room.
  • A figure made up of dark blue business attire such as a lounge suit, pants, a black belt, and a blue tie with a white undershirt. From where their hands and head would be emits a purple glow where small birds emerge.
  • A somewhat bulky character with a black suit and brown undershirt that is decorated with a brown rose. Their face is yellow with long ears; taped to it is a sheet of paper that flashes various faces made up of Japanese kana (katakana and hiragana), including a variant of henohenomoheji. Their hands are red and have long fingers.
    • This character appears alongside many other characters in the second Dream BBQ trailer. Their head is seen on one of the television screens near the beginning of the trailer. In the second trailer, they have a 2D animated appearance rather than a 3D model.
  • Two small figures that appear to be associated with Taski Maiden. Their bodies are gray and tan with red eyes and mouths. The gray and tan segments of their bodies are segmented and separated around their bodies. They also appear alongside Taski Maiden in two pieces of released concept art, one of which shows them carried by her in an aguayo.

Concept art of the character nicknamed "Clown".


Art of "Clown" appearing in the Joelgc.com promotional email.

  • A humanoid character with pale white skin. His head was shown in the Dream BBQ trailer (which is shown to be separate from his body), showing features such as his black eyes with white dot irises, purple hair, blue cheeks and lips, and green gums. In released concept art where he is seen alongside Ena, his outfit is shown to be mainly red, wearing a baggy shirt and pants with a red hat and a black and green veil. He also has green wraps on his limbs and has blue shoes. He is implied to be somewhat sinister or play an antagonistic role. In an ENA Day 2022 Twitch stream, he is simply referred to through the alias "Clown" and more concept art of him was shown. It was also stated that the main goal of his design is to disturb the player. He later appeared at the bottom of a promotional email for Joelgc.com, depicting him as a 3D model, contrasting with his 2D appearance in the Dream BBQ game trailer.
    • He greatly resembles a kuroko, a stagehand in kabuki theater.
    • He also bears resemblance to a minor character from the film Pastoral: To Die in the Country. Both characters wear similar makeup and hop around on one leg.

Concept Art Characters[]


Four previously unseen characters were also revealed on Joel's Instagram[2]. Their appearances are as follows:

  • A gray statue-esque character resembling a feminine kappa. They wear an aqua-colored wimple around their head. Atop their head is a platform weighed by two spherical weights on chains on each side. Above the character is a stylized cloud pouring rain onto the platform.
    • It appears to play off of the fact that kappas of Japanese mythology are often depicted with depressions on their heads that contain water.
  • A red and yellow character resembling an amoeba. They have a striped outline with a red body containing dark yellow spots. Their face consists of a simple diamond-shaped mouth and two eyes with eyebrows.
    • This character appears alongside many other characters in the second Dream BBQ trailer. Their head is seen on one of the television screens near the beginning of the trailer.
  • A scarecrow character mounted atop a red pole. They wear a Japanese schoolgirl outfit and have swaying blue hair. Their face has one yellow eye and a black knife lodged into their left eye. They also have a triangle nose and a stitched mouth. Another red pole sticks out of the ends of the character's straw-filled sleeves, keeping their arms spread out.
    • They appear to be based on a scarecrow appearing in the film Pastoral: To Die in the Country. Both wear the same outfit, are perched on a red pole, and have a black knife stuck in their heads.
  • A feline character with a rounded square head sporting large eyes. Their neck, hands, and limbs appear to be made of kobans, a Japanese gold coin. They also wear a large shirt designed with the character 金, meaning "metal" or "gold".
    • A colored version of this character appears alongside many other characters in the second Dream BBQ trailer. Their head is seen on one of the television screens near the beginning of the trailer. They appear to have tan skin with a pink brim at the bottom of their head.

Purge Event Character[]


Another unnamed character was revealed in a short animation loop released for a music preview for Dream BBQ. Their only known aspects of appearance are their facial attributes, showing them as a completely red human male. They sport neck-length hair, a small mustache, and wear sunglasses.

They are seen once again in the second Dream BBQ trailer alongside many other characters shown on a set of television screens. Their colors are much more visible in the trailer, showing they have light skin and brown hair.

ENA Day 2022 Stream Characters[]


More unnamed characters were also revealed during a Twitch stream held on ENA Day 2022.

  • The first character resembles a large white head laying upon a beige pedestal. They have shamrock green eyes with black eyebrows and yellow markings around their eyes. They also sport a pink nose with tan whisker pads, overall making their snout resemble that of a cat. Their mouth consists of a wide grin with triangular teeth. They also sport a headpiece with a gray and black base (with a yellow U-shape on the gray section), brown and yellow drapes, a yellow crest with a brown base and gray spikes, and a tan face-like band wrapping around the crest and base.
    • They appear to be based on textile designs from the Paracas culture which often depict similar face-like headpieces and occasional feline-like animals.
  • The second character is a humanoid figure wearing pants, a tank top shirt, a headpiece with two drawstrings, and a cloth over their body. On their back they carry a gazelle, which their fingers fuse into to create veiny masses in the gazelle's body. The gazelle's eyes and mouth are both filled with flowers.
    • They are later seen in color and with a slightly revised design in the second Dream BBQ trailer while additionally revealing them to be a 3D character. Multiple of this character can be seen in an open landscape, revealing them to have brown sandals, a purple hood, and green bottoms. The gazelle they carry has white flowers within it.

Dream BBQ Second Trailer[]

Many other new characters, alongside previously seen named and unnamed characters, were revealed in the second Dream BBQ trailer.


Various characters appearing on the screens.

One portion of the trailer shows various new characters on a multitude of television screen, albeit only their heads are shown:

  • A black and white character with a shattered appearance. They have a white face with a closed right eye and an empty, open left eye. A crack goes down their face, slightly going over their closed eye. They also sport two small nostrils and their mouth appears to be connected with strands when opened. A small portion of their head sports another white pattern.
    • Their design may be inspired by Uboa from the game Yume Nikki.

The red, spinning head with the gray cowboy.

  • A red, spinning head with heavy shading. As they spin, they appear to be constantly looking to the left.
    • This character's full appearance was revealed during a YouTube stream on ENA Day 2023, which reveals they are a balloon being held by a cowboy-like character, who is completely gray. A white crosshair also accompanies the two. They are also revealed to be animated by Marco Cárdenas.
      • Much like the unnamed samurai-esque character, their appearance is similar to the Grey Man from LSD. However, as Marco states in the stream that the character was influenced by noir films and other old cowboy media, this may be unintentional.
    • Another appearance for this character was revealed upon the release of Dream BBQ fangamer merchandise, in which the balloon now sports limbs and has a frilly outfit.
  • An upside-down head with green skin, small black eyes, a triangular nose, and red hair that is braided into two large pigtails.
  • A small head that is primarily white, sporting what appears to be a long snout and either a helmet plume or ponytail tied with a green or blue band. They have a black bar covering or censoring their eyeline.
  • A horned head with red skin and tan or orange patterns near their chin and tips of their horns. They notably have no facial features, instead having a gray circle or hole for a face.
  • A head resembling an elderly woman. They have light skin, frizzy brown hair, and squinted eyes. They wear pink lipstick and earrings and what appears to be a pink fez hat. Their appearance is similar to "Clown".

Additionally, alongside these characters, one outside of the television screens appears. They appear to be made up of a mass of threads, forming into a hollow head with a small jaw and holes for eyes. The top of their head also forms into a steak fork. They are seen inside an odd statue resembling a six-armed frog emerging from a cracked pyramid, with the threads making up their body tying around the statue's arms. The two uppermost arms of the statue are also holding what appear to be cigarettes between their fingers, which some of the winding threads emerge from.


Other characters seen in the second trailer.

Later into the trailer, another character is seen among clouds. They are humanoid in appearance with orange eyes and flowing brown hair. They cling onto what appears to be a large grill with a grate made of ribs. Many Mannequins are seen rising towards them, which reveals them to be enormous in size.

During the gameplay portion of the trailer, some other new characters are seen:

  • A short humanoid character resembling a small boy. Though they are seen from a distance in the trailer, a clearer version of their appearance was revealed in the first wave of Dream BBQ Fangamer merchandise. They are shown to have dark green hair, hot pink skin, blue clothing, a brown headpiece on their forehead, and light getas. They have six eyes on their face, split into two columns of three, and they carry around a net and lantern.
  • Several dancing figures that wear clothing resembling traditional outfits from European countries. There appear to be a male and female variant, with the former having a blue shirt, a green hat and lederhosen, black shoes, white socks, and a blonde mustache while the latter has a blue and white outfit with a striped skirt, blonde hair, and a white bonnet hat. Upon being walked into, they burst into small blue clouds.
  • A wizard-like character is also seen, sporting light skin, a pink nose, and gray hair that droops into a beard. They wear a blue robe and hat decorated with a star and moon pattern.
    • A GIF featuring the same character was also posted on February 17th, 2023, simply showing a loop of their scene shown in the trailer.
    • Their design may be inspired by various wizard characters from Old School RuneScape and possibly Gwonam from Link: The Faces of Evil.
    • Their design may be directly inspired by Merlin, a Microsoft agent given the series has a lot of early web motifs. they both have a long white or grayish beard and mustache, a long blue gown with golden stars and moons, and a pointed hat with the same colors and designs.

ENA Day 2023 Stream Characters[]

Even more unnamed characters were revealed during a livestream on ENA Day 2023.

  • An abstract creature that is mainly pink and blue in color. Their kneeled legs, torso, and head are all light pink, with formations on their face and neck that resemble a headpiece and cloak, respectively. They also sport two nostrils and an open mouth, which contains a blue rectangle inside as well as an arch pattern of blue circles embedded into their torso. Blue coral-like growths also sprout from the back of their head, and before them are two, large, blue hands.
  • A gray head with a clump of snakes for hair. They have a light green mouth and eyes, with the former having several strands, giving it a shattered appearance. They appear to be clearly based on depictions of Medusa from Greek mythology.
  • A humanoid character with brown hair, an exposed hairy chest, and a colorful outfit consisting of an orange top with red, yellow, blue, and green streaks. However, most of their figure is obscured in the shot they are revealed in.

Additionally, with the announcement of Fangamer merchandise, several new characters could be seen in the preview merch, specifically in the sticker sheets and shirt preview. These characters would be fully revealed upon the merchandise's release on the Fangamer website on May 2nd, 2023.

FG BBQStickerSheets Full

The full triple set of sticker sheets, featuring new characters.

  • A large face/mask-like character with visible teeth and white markings as well as a large orange frill with yellow tips.
  • The outline of a short character with either a headdress or a head with a snout and bulging eyes or horns.
  • An entirely blue character with a thin mouth and closed eyes that is connected to a blue arch by vein-like protrusions. They appear to have small fangs and wear some sort of ruff.
  • A character with a feminine, human-like head with yellow hair and red eyes. Their head emerges from the front of a large pistol, which sports veiny muscles tying around its handle.
  • A red character sporting a green cloak decorated with yellow octothorps. Their face sports a strange pattern made up of black and white dots and lines.