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Taski Maiden is one of the new characters set to appear in Dream BBQ.[3]


Taski Maiden appears as a feminine humanoid character largely resembling a child. The entirety of her figure, with the exception of her hair, is outlined in a tan margin with two rectangular growth sprouting from the outline close to the right of her head. The left side of her face has pale grayish skin while the right side is mostly covered in black with a red kite-shaped eye. Other parts of her body, namely her legs and right arm, are black with red tips. She wears a yellow dress with curly red hook designs on its rim and a gray chakana in the middle. The color of the dress also expands to form her left arm which sports three fingers. On the top of her head, she wears a pale yellow hat with bumps resembling cat ears and a red triangle design. She also sports a red fringe with four round stretches of hair reaching out behind her.

In one piece of concept art, she is shown with a dark-green aguayo that has beige and black stripes. It appears to hold her two unnamed companions.


Taski Maiden's overall personality is currently unknown. According to Joel Guerra, she has a high-pitched voice. Joel has described her as a "little gremlin," suggesting that she could be mischievous.


  • Taski Maiden is one of the unlockable avatars on Joelgc.com.

Cultural references and inspirations

Chimu kingdom textile.jpg
  • Taski Maiden's overall look matches the appearance of some warriors on a wool textile panel from the Chimú culture.[4]
  • Taski is a word in Quechua which can mean a girl or virgin.[5]