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"That dog looks like he has something to say..."
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Shoryo is one of the new characters set to appear in Dream BBQ.


Shoryo's first mention was in a snippet of preview text on a Joel Guerra Patreon post titled "ENA: Dream BBQ Preview 20" made on June 15, 2022. However, their appearance and any other details other than their name are currently exclusive to Joel G. Patreon members with at least a $2 per month membership.[1]


  • The Shepherd is another character whose name was revealed through a public aspect of Joel Guerra's Patreon before their episode debut. It is mentioned in a post title for a song preview during Temptation Stairway's development.
    • The Shepherd's appearance was also revealed before the Patreon post[2], though it is unknown if Shoryo is any of the unnamed Dream BBQ characters that have already been publicly revealed.