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"Heyyyy~! What's the data, theta~?"
— Phindoll, Temptation Stairway

Phindoll is a minor character that appears in Temptation Stairway to interview Ena.


Phindoll is a rosy pink, low-poly dolphin that appears as a guide to Ena. His eyes are dark and buttony with a small white shine. He is very geometrical, and one can see lines that define the angles on his model. He is always outlined by a thick white. Like many of the characters in the series, the texture of his skin is slightly noisy and pixelated. He emerges from what seems to be an orb of starry space orbited by two golden rings that are adorned by colorful, glowing eyes.


Phindoll is laid back and playful, and he jokes around and make puns, even flirting with Ena. His personality is most likely based off of the stereotypical surfer dude attitude. He's not easily upset, and quickly calms down Ena after she begins expressing distress. Interestingly enough, he is the only character in the entire series to be genuinely concerned about Ena's mood change, and even changes her task due to her possibly endangering herself in the interview.


  • Phindoll's abode likely references an accurate depiction of an ophanim, a high-ranking angel.
  • His name, Phindoll, is an anagram of the the word "dolphin" (albeit with an extra L added).
  • When Phindoll hits Ena with his tail, a voice stating "pain" can be heard. This noise also plays when Brick Frog kicks Ena.

Cultural references and inspirations

  • Phindoll's appearance is likely due to the common use of dolphins or imagery of dolphins in the vaporwave aesthetic, primarily brought on by the album Eccojams Vol. 1 by Chuck Person/Daniel Lopatin, which features cover art consisting of the box art for the Sega Genesis game Ecco the Dolphin.
    • His coloration may also be a reference to the Amazon river dolphin, which are pink in color.
  • According to animator Evan Nave, Phindoll's design is depicted as a "Pink, PS1 Dolphin".[1] Phindoll may have been inspired by the dolphin that appears in the PS1 game Fluid, a music game where players control said dolphin to collect samples to mix.