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This location does not have a confirmed name. This means the article's title serves to describe the location until one is received.

The Overworld is a location appearing in every episode of the first season of the ENA series.


The location seems to be the main setting for the series and also where the main character Ena resides. The Overworld also has different appearances ranging across the first three ENA shorts:

  • In Auction Day, it has a dark gray ground with a light gray sky with clouds floating through as well as a 3D model of a cartoon crescent moon spinning in the sky. There is also a large structure in the distance where the Auctioneer resides which consists of an oval-shaped platform with two rotating "arms" and a stairway.
  • In Extinction Party, while appearing only briefly in the beginning, it seems to have had a design change. The ground is a lighter gray while the clouds and moon are absent. The ground has rectangular prisms sticking up from it while a large, blue sofa chair-like object is also present, which opens up to lead to the Maze.
  • In Temptation Stairway, the ground does not have as much noise as in previous episodes. The prisms previously sticking out of the ground in Extinction Party are now large mint-colored pyramid structures. The sky also appears to have white streaks running through it, almost like rain. When The Great Runas arrives, the sky turns green and large clouds quickly move through the sky.


  • The Overworld currently has the most known differing inhabitants in the series.
  • The Overworld is currently the only location in the series to appear in multiple episodes, appearing all throughout Season 1.