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"It looks like the fisherman became the fished, am I right?!"
— Moony, Extinction Party

Moony is a deuteragonist from the animated series ENA. She has made various appearances throughout the series, most notably appearing in the first three episodes.


Moony traditionally takes on an appearance of a cartoonish moon. Her physical body shape is that of a floating light-grey sphere with the right-hand side of her face colored white in a similar fashion to a waning crescent. She has a single squinted eye on the left side of her head, as well as jet-black hair that drapes down into a triangular point behind her face while also having a rectangular eyebrow just above where her face is located. She also has a fairly large, cubical hole on the left side of her body in which various different objects can be seen protruding out of that consistently change with each episode in the series.

In the first episode, Auction Day, Moony's head-hole has a grey, rectangular block sticking out of it. In Extinction Party, her face now has a rectangular-shaped hole. In Temptation Stairway, she is seen in three different states throughout the episode. At the beginning, she dons a starch-white arm, assumed to be from one of the mannequin-like people that populate the environment around her, until she is trampled by the passing Mannequins, leaving her with a hole similar to that in Extinction Party. At the end of the episode, she is shown to have a shepherd's crook lodged into her face which highly resembles that owned by The Shepherd.

Her final, currently-known change in appearance makes its debut after she makes a wish to The Great Runas, in which she asks to be skinnier. A few moments after having made the requisition, her body splits in half from the top down, and she re-emerges from the shell as a humanoid entity with no clothes, hair, or facial features, excluding one eye on her left side and a two-toned body colored white on her left side and dim gray on her right side.


Moony oftentimes comes off as a dramatic, comedic-driven, and overall highly opinionated individual.

She has the tendency to get frequently annoyed or irritable during certain situations, with her distain usually directed towards Ena. Examples of this behavior can be seen numerous times throughout the series, such as at the beginning of Auction Day, in which she tells Ena to hurry up in her concern to find a spot, or her disappointment when she suspects that Ena may be drunk in Extinction Party. She also seems to be somewhat judgmental when referring to other groups of people, having previously called large gatherings of folks 'ugly' on one occasion and 'idiots' on another.

Still at it, even after the transformation!

Moony appears to be a fan of making puns and jokes, albeit most of them nonsensical and illogical in nature. She seems to be fairly confident in her quips as well, as demonstrated by her responses to when Ena expressed concern regarding the meaning of some of her jokes. She also appears to be a fan of skateboarding, as she is shown to own a skateboard and perform a trick with it at the beginning of Temptation Stairway and has also been drawn alongside (presumably) the same skateboard while in her "Humanoid" form.

Moony has also displayed an incredibly dismissive attitude towards Ena's drastic mood swings, either becoming visibly irritated when they occur or disregarding them entirely. The reasoning for this is unspecified; although, one of the most common speculations amongst fans is that she may have possibly gotten desensitized over prolonged exposure to such behavior. However, it is also worth noting that this may also simply just be a result of the nature of the show,[2] and her actions in-turn don't actually have any particular significance or ulterior meaning behind them. She also seems to act dismissive towards Ena in general, as she mispronounces Ena's name multiple times throughout the series, most notably in Temptation Stairway where she is shown to stumble on Ena's name for a brief moment.

She may also be somewhat insecure in regards to her physical appearance, this possibly being reflected in the wish she made to The Great Runas in which she states that she wanted to be skinnier. This is also possibly shown when she reunites with Ena at the end of Temptation Stairway, quickly retorting against her when she is asked about what her wish was in fear of being made fun of by Ena.


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Image of the Moon from "A Trip to the Moon" that may have been the inspiration for Moony's slot/protruding objects.

An untitled painting by Zdzisław Beksiński that may have also inspired Moony's design.

  • Moony can be seen in one of the easter eggs on Joelgc.com.
  • The noise that plays when Moony realizes the nature of Ena's gift is a type of drum called a cuíca.
    • The same instrumental sound is also made when Robert flails their arms and when Brick Frog hops.
  • Moony has a tendency to pronounce Ena's name differently throughout episodes, usually changing the first 'E' in her name to sound like other sounds. Why she does this is currently unknown.
  • Moony's skateboard is designed with the same pattern found on the walls in the Maze from Extinction Party.
  • The name "Moony" appears in one of the tracks (MOONY.MyPrayer) in Graham Kartna's 2013 album Rewards. It's possible that this may have inspired Moony's name, as Graham Kartna's music has been used in the ENA series multiple times, though this could also be coincidental.
  • A Tweet from Joel Guerra states that either Moony or Ena will appear in the future with their new appearance that they gained at the end of Temptation Stairway.[3] With this, it can be inferred that Moony's "humanoid" form may appear in the future, possibly even in Dream BBQ. However, the Tweet is largely ambiguous and does not confirm if Moony will appear in Dream BBQ or in any future episodes.

Cultural references and inspirations

  • Moony's appearance may have possibly been inspired by the moon from the film A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la Lune), a short French adventure movie made in 1902.
    • Her appearance may have also been inspired by an untitled painting by Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński that includes a moon with half of a human face on it. It has been stated that some entities in the series take inspiration from the artist.[4]
    • The block may also be a reference to the Space Odyssey series, as the block seems similar to the Monolith, a plot object used in the series.
  • The various additions to Moony's face that appear when she laughs are likely based on the face Easter eggs in the Game Boy Camera minigames that display faces with various features drawn on them. These features include exaggerated/cartoonish eyes, facial hair, wrinkles, and stitches, all of which appear on Moony's face when she laughs in Auction Day and Extinction Party.