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The Maze is the setting of the Extinction Party short.


The Maze consists mostly of identical hallways decorated with orange wallpaper with a green and dark orange vine design. At times, the halls contain a green fog that makes viewing beyond the halls of the Maze impossible for anyone on either side of the fog clouds. There are portals within that allow for instantaneous travel between different rooms and hallways. Near one end of the Maze is a long, dizzying, green path filled with lots of fog. Said path ends at a canyon-like landscape with a single stairway leading to an eye-shaped room.

While Merci, Robert, Rubik, and Moony are all found within it, further details concerning their presence in the Maze are unknown. The Keeper prevents unwanted visitors from entering the labyrinth, including Ena due to her appearance not meeting the "community's typical standards."

Within the Maze are also what appear to be strangely-shaped furniture or decorations. The two types of furniture appear to be a table-like piece with a curved blue base and red vein-like legs (which also has a figure on it resembling a woman) and a bed-like piece consisting of a rough blue bottle-like body with six legs projecting from its sides and a diamond-shaped headboard. Dark humanoid beings outlined in red also appear in the Maze, sitting on tables and unmoving. No character mentions the strange furniture or humanoid creatures, nor do these try to interact with each other or Ena.

The Maze is implied to be dangerous for Ena to some extent, as stated by Merci and Robert's translated dialogue. Merci tells Ena to not "accept anything from people around here" while Robert states that events happen in the corridors of the Maze that are "too shameful for words". These events are mysterious in nature as they are never outright seen in the episode nor described beyond the two character interactions.


  • The skateboard Moony uses in the beginning of Temptation Stairway has a similar pattern and design to the Maze walls.
  • The Maze was modelled by Utu-Nui in Unity as stated in the Extinction Party YouTube description.
  • The background used for a preview involving music set to appear in Dream BBQ bears a striking resemblance to the walls in the Maze.[1] Whether this means this setting will appear in Dream BBQ or not is unknown.

Cultural references and inspirations

  • The Maze seems to have been inspired by the screensaver for Windows 95, a brick maze.
  • The walls of the Maze have a similar design to the designs seen in some areas of the game Middens, a game also stated to be an inspiration for the aesthetic of Extinction Party.[2]