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“まずあなた誰なの, この自分大好き禁物バナナ信者。” (First of all, who the hell are you?! Identify yourself you disgusting banana worshipper!)

Mariya is a minor character that appears in Temptation Stairway.


Mariya resembles a disembodied head consisting of many geometric shapes colored aqua, cobalt, dark purple, and black. Their eyes and mouth are also geometric shapes, both black. Their pupils are white dots, and their face seems to be constantly uneasy. They wear a blue veil on their head with a gray clip. They are carried on a desaturated yellow platter held by Gabo, who always accompanies them.

Although Mariya doesn’t have limbs, they have the ability to jump, as shown when they complain about Ena's borrowed Blood ID.


Mariya has a rather brash, rude, and complaintive personality. As soon as the two first met, they taunt Ena for looking at a banana, going as far as to call her a disgusting banana worshipper. When Ena gave her Blood ID from The Shepherd to Mariya, they claimed that it didn't taste anything like Ena, whilst jumping up and down. However, they are not entirely disagreeable, finally giving Ena the directions to pass, only after Ena exclaims to them that they’re all living a lie.

Mariya seems to take first impressions seriously. Even though they and Ena conversed briefly, they mention that they don't like Ena before they part ways.


  • Mariya speaks Japanese in a Kansai dialect.
  • Mariya and Gabo are Joel Guerra's favorite ENA series characters.[2]

Cultural references and inspirations

  • During a Twitch stream, it was revealed that Mariya and Gabo were based on a religious painting. It is possible that they are based on the painting Salome Bearing the Head of St. John the Baptist, a painting which depicts Salome holding the head of St. John the Baptist on a platter.