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The Mannequins are a recurring species in Temptation Stairway.


The Mannequins are grey humanoid beings, specifically resembling artist's mannequins. They appear at the beginning of Temptation Stairway as well as in the Stairway Void, Hourglass Meadow, and Mannequin Expanse building.

There is one specific Mannequin seen near the beginning of Temptation Stairway that has a different appearance than the other Mannequins seen in the episode. After Ena talks with the Merchant, this Mannequin absorbs The Great Runas. They wear a light blue dress and have black hair. They have a single orange eye on their face, though after absorbing Ena alongside The Great Runas, the eye becomes fully black.


The Mannequins appear often throughout Temptation Stairway. They predominantly appear in the beginning of the episode in large crowds. The Mannequins can be found climbing the legs of The Great Runas, dancing together, and even climbing on top of each other in an attempt to reach The Great Runas. They seem to be capable of communicating, though whatever they say sounds corrupted and garbled.

The Mannequins also appear in other areas within The Great Runas's residence. They appear in the Mannequin Expanse, bowing down. Some corpses of Mannequins can also be found in the field and code sections of the Hourglass Meadow as well as in the Stairway Void before Ena enters the area containing Ulysses. A single dressed Mannequin that does not interact with Ena also appears in the Stairway Void.


Back of the Mannequins shown on a Twitch stream.

  • Due to the large amount of Mannequins, the back of the Mannequin crowds are simplified to block models to reserve space and keep the camera movement smooth.

Cultural references and inspirations

  • The dance patterns and white appearance of the Mannequins bear a slight resemble to the dancing figures seen in the game Alone in the Dark.
  • The appearance of the dressed Mannequin appearing in the Stairway Void is similar to that of the Nopperabou Witches in Yume Nikki, specifically when the Cat effect is used near them, causing them to gain a black hole in their face.