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"Calculation Terminated. Shut up and go in peace."
— Keeper, Extinction Party

Keeper[2] is a minor character that appears in Extinction Party.


Keeper at first appears as the head of a broken Greek statue atop an amorphous, red blob with a hand pattern. However, they are also able to form their body into a more structured one, appearing with a black chest, blue and yellow hoofed legs, and a red and green back atop which two round objects lie.


Image 3 shows the Keeper's head. Image 5 shows the red hand texture used for the Keeper's blob body.

  • Keeper's voice was created with Microsoft's speech synthesizer Sam.
  • The colors of Keeper's legs are in the same pattern as the Google logo. They are also in the same order as the colors in the Windows 3.1–7 logos and Microsoft's 2012 logo.
  • In Temptation Stairway, when The Shepherd hits Ena with her crook, Ena shows various different textures. Among these textures are a collection of the Keeper's head and the same red hand pattern used for the Keeper's amorphous blob body before they transform into their normal body structure.
  • It has been noted that Keeper's four-colored legs correspond to the emotional states that Ena had shown at the time:
    • Their blue and yellow sections correspond to Ena's sad and drunk sides respectively.
    • Their red and green sections correspond to Demon Ena.
    • Their gray head corresponds to Ena Diablada.

Cultural references and inspirations

  • The head of the Greek statue on Keeper might be a reference to the cover art of the album Floral Shoppe as its second track, "Lisa Frank 420 / Modern Computing", has gained immense internet popularity to the point where critics claim that the entire album is the definition of the vaporwave genre itself. The head itself seems to have taken inspiration from Michelangelo's David.
    • Keeper also communicates through Windows 95-style popup windows, furthering this possible connection.


  1. Assumed based on Ena addressing Keeper as "sir" in Extinction Party.
  2. Named "キーパー" (kipa, keeper) in the RASH A1M Japanese dub.