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John Fraser, also known as sleepCircle, is a 2D and 3D artist and animator and music composer. They are credited for the 3D backgrounds and landscapes of the series and the audio design.

Tracks present in the series

Title Music
Direct Lounge (ENAwave)
(SoundCloud, YouTube)


Concept art of the Dead God Graveyard by John Fraser.

  • During a Twitch stream titled "Temptation Stairway Walkthrough", some ideas and aspects of the Temptation Stairway maps were credited to John Fraser:
    • The flowers in the Hourglass Meadow Dog Conservatory.
    • The number bubbles that appear in the transition between the Hourglass Meadow and Mannequin Expanse building.
    • The model for the cat gates outside the Mannequin Expanse.
    • Volley's cauldron.
    • The design for the Dead God Graveyard, concept art of which has been released.
  • They have composed a track based on the music in Extinction Party named "Direct Lounge", which was later used on Joelgc.com.
    • They have also composed a track titled "Unit Exchange (Robertwave)" that features a non-canon short intended to take place after the events of Temptation Stairway.[1]
      • The titles of both tracks follow a similar naming format to the Season 1 episodes. The first word in the title ends with "t" while the second word ends with "nge".

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