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Joel Guerra (also known as simply Joel G., formerly known as PhantomLink) is a Peruvian 2D artist and animator. He is the creator of the ENA series.


  • Joel Guerra's favorite characters designed for the series are Mariya and Gabo.[1]
  • Joel Guerra's pet dog, Dona, serves as the inspiration for the design of the Hourglass Dog.
  • On June 25, 2022, Joel Guerra's YouTube channel was hacked and renamed to Tesla [Inc]. This was followed by all of the channel's videos going private and a live stream claiming to involve Elon Musk discussing cryptocurrency being posted.[2] This hack was later resolved, and the channel's videos were restored.[3]
    • A similar situation also occurred with Oliver Buckland in the same year, in which their YouTube and Google accounts were hacked to promote cryptocurrency.

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