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The Hourglass Dogs are a species named after a particular dog of the same name who was sold at the auction Ena and Moony went to in Auction Day. In promotional material, one of the dogs is voiced by porkymoon.

The Headtombs place various bids on the dog, including 50 chocolates, 400 chocolates,[1] and 1 fatty catty. It is unknown if the Hourglass Dog ended up being sold to anyone, as rain-rocks cut the auction short. At the end of the episode, Ena (in her sad form) vomits static that turns into a dog identical to the one present in the hourglass. However, the dog she vomits is a different dog.[2]


The Hourglass Dogs appear as 3D rendered yellow dogs that are stylized in poor resolution. They have short, stubby legs and tails; two ellipse eyes jutting out of their heads; and a tongue hanging from their mouths with black outlining a crease in the center.

One of them had been seemingly inserted into an hourglass and sold as an item at an auction. It is unknown if the dog and the hourglass are consequently one object or two individual objects. In the Hourglass Meadow, they are tended to by The Shepherd in the Dog Conservatory and are seen flying around and playing. One is even held by The Shepherd.


The Hourglass Dog gallery can be found here.


Joel Guerra's pet puppy Dona.

  • The species also has its own merchandise, including an Hourglass Dog plushie.[3]
  • They are infinite in number[4] and are everywhere in the ENA universe.[5]
  • They are the only minor character in the ENA series to appear in an episode after their debut episode.
  • The Hourglass Dog is one of the unlockable avatars on Joelgc.com.

Cultural references and inspirations

  • The Hourglass Dogs were inspired by Joel Guerra's pet puppy Dona.[6]
  • The sound that plays when Ena's static vomit turns into an Hourglass Dog is the startup sound for a PlayStation.