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"One fatty catty!"
— A Headtomb, Auction Day

The Headtombs are a group of minor characters appearing in Auction Day. They bid various amounts on the Hourglass Dog item being sold. The bids include:

  • 50 chocolates
  • 400 chocolates[1]
  • 1 fatty catty

These are the only bids placed before rain rocks interrupt the auction, crushing several of the Headtombs present, possibly fatally.


The Headtombs appear as blue tombstones with blue and pink wireframe faces similar to ones in 3D modeling, although lacking eyes and noses. Their faces are divided into nineteen shapes, four quadrilaterals and fifteen triangles, the size of these shapes alter as they speak, with ones near the mouth being subject to greater changes than ones farther away. The mouths consist of two roughly identical, purple lips; and six pale-blue teeth, with a set of three attached to each lip.

Overworld Headtomb model

Overworld Headtomb model

They possess crossed hands and a wrist of the same colors below their faces. These are also divided into triangular and quadrilateral shapes, with the distribution and wrist being the same for each. They are never seen moving.

When the view is not focused on them (i.e. they are in the background), their appearance differs. As a whole their resolution is greatly diminished, and are less detailed. Their faces are slightly less symmetrical, and the shapes composing them appear to be made more sloppily and some with the same blue color as the rest of their bodies. Their hands are also simpler, now each having only three fingers - with the thumb being one of the missing fingers, being less symmetrical in relation to each other, and the wrists being much pointier.


Cultural references and inspirations

An untitled painting by Zdzisław Beksiński that may have inspired the Headtomb's design.

  • The talking Headtombs could possibly be a pun on Talking Heads, a rock band. Said band created the song Once in a Lifetime, the music video for it being referenced throughout the series through Ena's and other character's movements.
  • Their appearance may have also been inspired by an untitled painting by Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński that includes many gravestone-like structures with visible head and hand outlines in them. It has been stated that some entities in the series take inspiration from the artist.[2]



  1. Revealed to be chocolates in the French subtitles for Auction Day.
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