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"These are the utmost grand of days! This is going to be so, so- awful!"
This article contains spoilers for Temptation Stairway. Please read at your own risk.


Gabo is a minor character that appears in Temptation Stairway.


Gabo is an adult humanoid with a green afro who wears a pink ballerina-like outfit with a pink tutu and pink leggings. They carry a plate in their left hand, of which Mariya is placed upon. They have black, socket-like eyes, as well as a brown beard and eyebrows.


  • Gabo speaks in Japanese-accented English accompanied by discordant notes from a piano.
  • Gabo ends all of their sentences with a resounding "YES."
  • Gabo is the second character voiced by Hanai Chihaya, who also voiced Robert in Extinction Party.
  • On a Twitch stream, it was revealed that Gabo's design was over 2 years old. The design was unused for some time until the development of Temptation Stairway, to which it was used for Gabo.
  • Gabo and Mariya are Joel Guerra's favorite ENA series characters.[3]

Cultural references and inspirations

  • During a Twitch stream, it was revealed that Mariya and Gabo were based on a religious painting. It is possible that they are based on the painting Salome Bearing the Head of St. John the Baptist, a painting which depicts Salome holding the head of St. John the Baptist on a platter.
  • Gabo's line, "Drink the blood, and smoke the banana", is based on a similar line from the game Space Funeral, in which an NPC says, "I like to drink blood... and smoke the weed!"[4]
    • The quote was originally going to be the exact same as the original source, though the use of the word "weed" brought up worries about YouTube's Rules & Policies, so it was changed.