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Froggy is a main character set to appear in Dream BBQ. They were first revealed in the Dream BBQ game trailer.


Froggy's main body is made up of a black frog hoodie with a white outline and two bulging eyes while also wearing a red necktie. Their face resembles a white mask or human face with shading. The lower half of their body consists of a purple skirt and a gray loincloth. Their legs are white with black shin wraps and they also wear green-beige getas.


  • Froggy's hoodie slightly resembles Brick Frog.
  • Froggy appears to be a Season 2 parallel to Moony. Both have a similar name structure of a word (with the word having a "y" at the end (for Froggy, it being "g and y")) and are deuteragonists who accompany Ena in their respective seasons.
  • Froggy's name was first revealed through the name of a piece of merchandise on Joelgc.com.

Cultural references and inspirations

  • Froggy was stated on an ENA Day 2022 Twitch stream to be based on the character Gonta from the Japanese educational children's show Dekirukana. The character themself is a large anthropomorphic gopher played by an actor in costume. It was stated by Joel Guerra that he watched the show as a child, as it also aired in Latin American countries.
    • Ena also appears to be based on the show's other main character, Noppo. This is likely why both Ena and Froggy are paired together.
  • Coincidence or not, Froggy's attire and color scheme resemble that of Tsubakura Enraku from the Len'en Project game series.