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Evan Nave, also known as Mrpalland, is a 2D and 3D artist and animator. They are a technical director and 3D artist and animator for the ENA series.


  • The following aspects of the series have been animated/modeled by Evan Nave:
    • The model and animation for the Mannequins.
    • The model and animation for The Great Runas's transportation device.
    • The model for Brick Frog (animated by Alan Flandez).
    • The model and animation for Phindoll.
    • 3D characters appearing in the Dream BBQ game trailer (currently unknown which).
      • They also created the primary code base for scripted events and interactions with characters throughout Temptation Stairway.[1] They have also programmed custom shaders for both Temptation Stairway and Dream BBQ.[2]

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