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Minor characters
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Brick Frog.png
Brick Frog
Taski Maiden.jpg
Taski Maiden

Season 1 AuctionDayIcon.jpg
Auction Day
Extinction Party
Temptation Stairway
Season 2 DreamBBQIcon.jpg
Dream BBQ
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Residence of
The Great Runas
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Below are some questions you may have about the wiki and answers to them.

What is ENA?

ENA is an animation and game series created by Joel Guerra. Episodes can currently be found on both YouTube and Newgrounds. The surreal series uses a mix of 2D and 3D animation while following the life of the titular character Ena. The series is filled with strange worlds, characters, and interactions. More can be found here.
Who are the administrators?

The current administrators are Doqqy, Zarajamming, TheWikiOddish, and MikoSudsui. Feel free to contact us on our talk pages if there is a problem, you have a question, or have a proposition for the wiki!
Is this wiki official?

This wiki is not official, though it has been acknowledged by both Joel Guerra and people who have worked on the ENA series. This wiki serves to be a reliable place for information on the series and a place for fans to enjoy and discuss the series.
Can I make fan-made character/Enasona articles?

Sorry, this wiki is dedicated to official aspects of the series only. Any pages created that are based solely on fan-created content will be deleted. You can share your fan-made content on your own user page, though!
Can I post Patreon content here for articles?

Content related to Patreon content exclusive to Joel G. Patrons is strictly prohibited. Patreon-related content will only be posted if it is made public to everyone via a public post on Joel G.'s Patreon or is officially shown through some other public means (for instance, the ENA team's social media). Any type of Patreon-related content that has not been publicly shown and is uploaded to the wiki will be removed. Please give support to the people working on the series.