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Ena is a titular protagonist in the ENA series. This Ena is the protagonist of the second season of the series, having a pale blue, pale yellow, and red colored body.


Ena is a feminine humanoid character. They possess a multicolored body, their right side being pale blue and yellow (originally thought to be white with shading) and geometric, and their left side being red and smooth (although, their torso and waist are completely red and geometric). Their off-black hair is slightly similar to their Season 1 counterpart, though their hair length is largely equal while keeping the two triangular ahoges. Their eyes consist of triangle shapes, with the blue and yellow side having an upside-down triangle with a smaller black triangle across it (resembling an eyelash) and the red side with a normal triangle.

Their outfit consists of a light-pink collared T-shirt with red overall straps, a pair of green shorts, and darker green socks; one thigh high on their right and one ankle sock on their left. They also wear a student cap in the same shade of green that matches their shorts.

Alternate forms

Concept art of Ena's currently unnamed alternate form.

As of now, a single alternate form of Ena is known. This form sports a green head with cracks all over their face, leaking purple and blue liquid that drips off their head. Their right arm also leaks the same liquid, though it does not sport cracks and it is unknown if it also turns green upon changing into this form. They have dark sunken eyes with circular pupils, which are also purple and blue. They were first teased in the Dream BBQ game trailer where they appear in a red spotlight and spin around upside-down. Their other features, such as their outfit, hair, left arm, legs, and body, appear to be largely the same as Ena's base form.

They appear again in a music preview released to showcase an upcoming song by METAROOM in Dream BBQ titled "The Purge Event".[2] However, their face is not fully shown and only a small amount of their head can be seen (which is visibly green, indicating they are in their alternate form). Strangely, their right arm is missing from their body.


While Ena's overall personality is currently unknown, some assumptions can be made by observing the Dream BBQ trailer and released concept art.

Ena's pale side smiling while the red side appears angry.

Ena's red side appears to have a more joyful expression, much like that of Season 1 Ena's yellow side. They are often seen smiling when their face is switched to this side. In a piece of merchandise, they are seen with a root-like object growing from their chest, causing the red side to take on a more neutral look.

Their paler side appears to be more serious, as they are often depicted with a slight frown or neutral expression. The only instance in which they are seen smiling is in the Dream BBQ game trailer when they begin talking into a megaphone (which curiously also causes the red side to gain a small eyebrow, giving it an angry appearance).


Ena's first appearance was in the teaser for Dream BBQ, though only their back was shown. Despite this, the colors of their arms and legs revealed they were red, pale blue, and pale yellow in color. Alongside the new clothing, this confirmed that a new Ena would replace the one from Season 1 after Temptation Stairway.

Their full appearance was revealed to the public on May 26, 2021, on Joel Guerra's Twitter, showing their face and clothing from the front.[1] Concept sketches of Ena were also shown on July 20th on the same platform.[3]


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  • Multiple Enas were hinted at in Temptation Stairway through The Shepherd's dialogue stating "Arghh...another ENA troublemaker".
  • Ena is one of the unlockable avatars on Joelgc.com and can be customized with various unlockable colors.
  • Unlike the Ena from Season 1, Season 2 Ena appears to have three different colors associated with them (pale blue for their upper right side, pale yellow for their lower right side and ear, and red for the entirety of their left side). It is unknown if these are associated with different emotions or if their paler side (pale blue and pale yellow) simply acts as one combined side.
  • Ena's early concept art shows them with their left side being yellow, which is similar in design to Season 1 Ena.
    • Coincidentally, Season 1 Ena's early concept art shows them with a white right side, making them slightly resemble Season 2 Ena.
  • Ena's pose in their concept art slightly resembles the pose made by Demon Ena in Extinction Party. Both bend their right arm behind their head, their left arm near their waist, and point their knees inward.

Cultural references and inspirations

Poses made by SALARYMAN 55 (top) and Ena (bottom).

Gonta (left) and Noppo (right) from Dekirukana.

  • A small portion of the Dream BBQ trailer briefly showcases grayscale variants of Ena posing. These poses are nearly identical to ones quickly made by SALARYMAN 55 in the animation Polygon Family - Morning Commute.[4]
  • Ena's face was influenced by Pablo Picasso's painting, Girl before a Mirror, as is the case for Season 1 Ena.
    • It is also likely they were inspired by another painting by Pablo Picasso known as Tête (Head), as it uses the same pale blue, pale yellow, and red coloration for the subject's face.[5]
  • Ena's outfit was stated on an ENA Day 2022 Twitch stream to be based on the outfit of Noppo, a character from the Japanese educational children's show Dekirukana. It was stated by Joel Guerra that he watched the show as a child.
    • Froggy also appears to be based on the show's other main character, Gonta. This is likely why both Ena and Froggy are paired together.
    • It was also stated in the same stream that Ena's hat was originally the same as Noppo's, though the hat was changed to a cap instead.
  • Some of Ena's movements appear to reference the dance moves in the music video for Taiso, a song by the band Yellow Magic Orchestra. These references include a GIF of Ena talking while dancing[6], the pose that their green alternate form takes in their concept art, and their usage of a yellow megaphone in both concept art and the Dream BBQ game announcement trailer.
  • Ena's green alternate form's head resembles structures in the game Space Funeral that appear as bloodied green heads.