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ENA is a Peruvian animated series present on YouTube and Newgrounds created by Joel Guerra. The series uses a mix of 2D and 3D animation and takes inspiration from many pieces of media and worldwide culture. The series takes place in a strange, almost post-apocalyptic, world inhabited by bizarre characters and creatures. The overall tone of the series uses surreal and comedic elements.

The series follows characters named Ena, with the current two Enas having different appearances in each season. Other characters also appear such as the deuteragonists Moony (Season 1) and Froggy (Season 2) and minor characters, such as Merci and Brick Frog, who appear and act as NPC-like characters showcased in short interaction segments in the episodes.

All of the current episodes differ in their formatting. In the first episode Auction Day, it is presented as an animated episode primarily using dialogue and humor, particularly with Ena and her friend Moony interacting. Starting in the episode Extinction Party, the episodes gain a first-person computer game aesthetic from Ena's point of view and, starting in Temptation Stairway, seem to emulate video games even more with the introduction of many different locations within an episode (such as the Hourglass Meadow) and "items" (such as the Turrón). Upon the release of a trailer for Dream BBQ, it was announced that it would be made into a playable interactive adventure game alongside the release of the usual animated episode.


There are currently three episodes in the ENA series, with the fourth installment set to release in 2022. Each episode (with the exception of Auction Day) has a teaser released before the episode's release. Due to the event of Dream BBQ being made into a game as well an episode, it currently has both a teaser and an announcement trailer.

Video Title Airdate
ENA_-_Auction_Day Auction Day AuctionDayIcon.jpg May 26, 2020 (YouTube, Newgrounds, Twitter)
May 27, 2020 (Instagram)
Extinction_Party_Teaser ENA_-_Extinction_Party Extinction Party ExtinctionPartyIcon.jpg August 8, 2020 (Teaser)
September 15, 2020 (EST)
Temptation_Stairway_Teaser ENA_-_Temptation_Stairway Temptation Stairway TemptationStairwayIcon.jpg October 23, 2020 (Teaser)
February 15, 2021 (EST)
February 16, 2021 (GMT)
ENA_-_Dream_BBQ_Teaser ENA-_Dream_BBQ_Game_Announcement Dream BBQ DreamBBQIcon.jpg March 25, 2021 (Teaser)
September 22, 2021 (Trailer)


Season 1

The design of Ena was first revealed on February 23rd, 2020 on Joel Guerra's Twitter.[1] The post showed off Ena's design while explaining that Joel wanted to create "characters with strange shapes in a very colorful world where nothing makes sense". Due to positive reception, another image featuring Ena (alongside Moony) was posted with plans to use the concept in the future. Her initial name, ƎNA, was later revealed.[2] On May 2nd, more concept art involving Ena and Moony was shown off with the announcement of a short animation that would introduce them.[3]

On May 26th, the first episode, titled "Auction Day", was released on YouTube, Newgrounds, and Twitter. This episode marks the debut of the main characters Ena and Moony.

A preview for another ENA episode was shown on Joel's Patreon on August 1st, though its title and public reveal weren't shown until seven days later when the teaser for Extinction Party was posted. On September 13th 2020, an announcement stated that Extinction Party would release "next week" and would run for five minutes.[4] Two days later, Extinction Party was released.

Throughout September, another ENA episode was mentioned and teased. The title Temptation Stairway first appeared on Joel's Patreon on October 9th, though the teaser for the episode would not be released publicly until October 23rd. On November 20th, a preview for a new character was shown,[5] revealed in the episode to be The Shepherd. It was also stated that the next episode was "the end and beginning of something", hinting at the future of the series.[6] Some specifics about the episode were also given, stating that it would be fifteen minutes (which was later changed to seventeen minutes[7]) in length and had three different musicians composing music for the project.[8] On February 11th, 2021, a Tweet with the text "Very soon!!" announced Temptation Stairway was near,[9] to which it was released four days later.[10] Joel also thanked viewers on Twitter after Temptation Stairway got to Trending on YouTube and encouraged viewers to support the talented people that worked on the episode.[11]


  • All of the Season 1 episodes have a letter pattern. The first word in the title ends with "-tion" while the second word ends with "y".
    • It is unknown if this will be carried on with Season 2 animations after Dream BBQ.
  • None of the episodes feature recurring characters other than the protagonists and deuteragonists. It is also unlikely that any minor characters will return in future episodes, according to a Tweet by Joel Guerra.[12]
    • The only exception of a non-main character returning in an episode is the Hourglass Dog, who appears in both Auction Day and Temptation Stairway. However, this is likely because of the Hourglass Dog's status as a secondary mascot of the series or the fact the character is based on Dona, Joel Guerra's own pet dog.