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"Yeh.. my intro...it was very, very impressive...stunning..."
— Brick Frog, Temptation Stairway

Brick Frog is a minor character that appears in Temptation Stairway.


Brick Frog resembles a standard frog rendered in 3D, having four black limbs and a black head with bulging eyes and an open mouth. They have a gray torso that is much more geometric than their limbs, being a rectangular prism with the texture of concrete. Distinctively, Brick Frog appears to be outlined in white all across their frame.


Brick Frog demonstrates a very absent-minded character, to the point where they speak over Ena as she cries throughout the beginning of their conversation. It gets to the point where Brick Frog begins to kick Ena repeatedly, which seems to snap her back into her happy state. Once Ena begins her happier mantra, Brick Frog is much more interactive with her, mentioning it's "finally language [they] can spit at."

They have a habit of repeating words, similar to Ulysses, and jumping around during their conversation with Ena, mentioning Ena's journey to climb The Great Runas. However, Brick Frog declines going up, saying that they would rather watch from where they are since climbing makes them itchy. In a more sadistic turn of events, Brick Frog also reveals another reason they are staying behind is that they like to watch all the Mannequin bodies falling.


  • Brick Frog is the first interactive entity Ena meets who debuts in Temptation Stairway.
  • The instrument heard when Brick Frog hops is a cuíca.
  • When Brick Frog kicks Ena, a voice stating "pain" can be heard. This noise also plays when Phindoll hits Ena.

Vibri's frog form.

Cultural references and inspirations

  • Brick Frog's design takes significant inspiration from the character, Vibri, from the 1999 PlayStation rhythm game Vib-Ribbon. Vibri also has a frog-like form that she turns into if the player runs into enough obstacles, most likely being the inspiration for the animal Brick Frog is.
  • The name and concept for Brick Frog are also likely based off of the term used for bricks. A “frog” is also a term to describe a depression of a brick face once it has been pressed or molded.